Universities in Vietnam united for academic integrity


A society without honesty is unsafe, unhealthy, and unlivable. To protect honesty and integrity is to protect life. In education environment, honesty means survival.”
Dr. Bui Tran Phuong – Head of Hoa Sen University

May 29, 2015. An unprecedented National Academic Integrity Workshop was jointly organised by FACE Club, Hoa Sen University and Towards Transparency (TT) in Hochiminh City.

In a research carried out by Hoa Sen University, 681 paper assignments of their students majoring in Humans Resources, Tourism, Finance, Accounting, Business and Marketing were screened. The result revealed that 29 % was the average similarity of those assignments, which is quite high compared to international standard”, according to Dr. Do Ba Khang, the chief researcher.

Hoa Sen is also among the first universities in Vietnam that use Turnitin – a software detecting plagiarism by checking similarities of different documents.

However, in order to solve plagiarism, not only students but also lectures and managers have to take actions. It was agreed by representatives of 20 universities participating in the workshop that they would join hands to build a university network against plagiarism. From next year, the National Academic Integrity Workshop will be held annually by the network’s university members to review activities undertaken to fight plagiarism.

“If the anti-plagiarism software only uses database within a university, the problem cannot be solved. Student can use information from many other external resources to avoid being detected. University needs to unite to stop plagiarism.” 

Mr. Pham Anh Duong, Business Integrity Manager, TT

With this first-time workshop on national integrity in education, the host – FACE Club, has successfully completed the project “Change the way we learn”. Under this project, a number of creative activities have been implemented, increasingly supported by students, teachers and leaders of the Hoa Sen University, as follows:

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