[Call for support] VforNepal – fundraising for Nepali children to come back to school


Youth Box Channel (YBC) [1] – a youth communication network working for community development, send our warmest greetings to You.

From May 2015 to August 2015, YBC is running a campaign named VforNepal to raise fund for children in Nepal, helping them to come back to school after the latest earthquake disaster.

The earthquake on 25 April 2015 caused more than 8.000 deaths and ten thousands injuries. According to UNICEF, minimum of 1.7 million children in the affected areas needs humanitarian aids.

It became increasingly worse that while the country were trying hard to recover, Nepal again suffered from a series of aftershocks with intensity of 7.4 Richter causing more deaths and damages.

Aiming to help the children in Nepal – among the top poorest countries – to overcome the disaster and be able to be back to school, VforNepal sets a goal to raise 50,000 USD to support them with necessary school equipment .

The fundraising campaign is jointly organised by YBC and Room To Read (RTR) [2] in Vietnam, collaboration with Room To Read in Nepal.

We are seeking for supports from interested organisations and benefactors through:

  • Integrating VforNepal into existing marketing activities of their business and contributing part of the revenue to the project. More information available on our website at
  • Collaborating with VforNepal to develop and organise events
  • Send donation directly via bank account provided on the website or in the fundraising events organised by VforNepal
  • Contributing items to sell for fundraising purpose

Being determined to establish a model of “Transparency in fundraising”, with technical support from Towards Transparency – the national contact of Transparency International in Vietnam, VforNepal commits that all activities, financial support performed by any involved organisations and individuals will be published in transparent manners.

Learn more details about the project here.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Vu Thuy Dung
Hotline: 093 3825 943

[1] Youth Box Channel (YBC) is established with the support of Towards Transparency – the national contact of Transparency International in Vietnam.

[2] Room to Read (RTR) is an international NGO providing educational support for children in disadvantaged areas with the inspiration “World change starts with educated children”. RTR has been working in 10 countries in Asia and Africa, with its headquarters in San Francisco, US