TT’s vision

A Vietnam free of corruption where people enjoy social justice, accountability and transparency in all aspects of society

TT’s mission:

To reduce corruption in Vietnam by increasing demand and promoting measures for transparency,  accountability and integrity in government, business and society at large.

TT’s values:

The core values that guide the staff and stakeholders of TT are:

  • Transparency – to be honest and open with colleagues, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and to proactively disclose information on any aspect of the organization’s work
  • Accountability – to take responsibility for actions, decisions and the achievement of results, honoring obligations, expectations and requirements of stakeholders
  • Integrity – to be guided by the highest ethical standards, adhere to established policies, practices and processes, and protect and promote the reputation of TI/TT
  • Knowledge – to constantly strive to strengthen understanding and awareness of corruption and anti-corruption issues, to continually seek opportunities for expertise development and to ensure that our work is knowledge and evidence based
  • Independence – to challenge assumptions, pursue facts and ensure a neutral stance in all research, communication and inter-action with stakeholders

TT’s codes of conduct

  • Please click here for the code of conduct for TT’s staff
  • Please click here for the code of conduct for TT’s partners