Youth Integrity

Vietnam Integrity School – Summer 2018: Vietnamese Youth promotes a culture of Integrity


The four-day Vietnam Integrity School- VIS Summer 2018 has ended, but hopes, excitements and memories still remain in the mind of the 44 VIS 2018 gradudates.

A group of young people from diverse backgrounds coming from all parts of Vietnam, had a chance to learn together, discuss and grow seeds of integrity during the VIS summer course, which was organized by Towards Transparency from 25 to 29 July in Hanoi.

VIS Summer 2018 opened a deliberative space for learners to acquire knowledge of, and also to express their own opinions on what integrity meant in different contexts, ranging from their daily lives situation including family, school, and work environment, to a more macro level such as how Integrity plays a role in strengthening a National Integrity System.

“Integrity is to choose the right thing to do, not the easy one”
“Before attending VIS, I thought integrity is none of my business but Government’s. However, what I learned from the course is that there is a close link between integrity values and each of us.  integrity means being honest with yourself and do the right things.”

VIS 2018 students’ quotes

Students were provided with a deeper understanding of the role of youth in practicing, promoting integrity in their wider community. They also understood better the relationship between integrity and anti-corruption. Using a “peer-to-peer learning” approach, and with the support  by the guest lecturers and contributors, the students interactively developed 9 exciting project ideas. They would like to promote integrity value in their communities and in the  sectors where youth experience corruption and bribery most such as public health and public education… In coming days, TT will review and select the most appropriate projects to support them financially. TT believes that these projects will accelerate integrity values to a wider society  in Vietnam.

Towards Transparency appreciates and thanks the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam for their strong support in making VIS 2018 a success. TT  would also like to extend its thank to all the participating lecturers and advisors of VIS 2018 for their time, dedication and efforts. The course is over, yet the VISers’ journey of nurturing and promoting integrity has only just begun!

Ambassador Cáit Moran presented certificates of achievement to participants of the Vietnam Integrity Summer School 2018