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VIETNAM INTEGRITY SCHOOL 2018 – WINTER is back with new updates, providing youth a great opportunity to learn and practice Integrity and Anti-corruption


Young Vietnamese are particularly vulnerable to various forms of corruption. Meanwhile, engaging youth in anti-corruption remains a challenge in Vietnam. TT’s experience in working with young people in Vietnam has shown that there is a gap in knowledge on corruption and integrity amongst youth. The majority of Vietnamese youth interviewed in the TI/TT 2014 Youth Integrity Survey (85%) considered the lack of integrity harmful to their country, family and themselves, and 87% said that they have a role to play in fighting corruption. However, 74% of Vietnamese youth said they have no or very little knowledge about corruption, anti-corruption and integrity. Only 18% of the youth received anti-corruption education through the official government program (Project 137) that started in 2009. The effectiveness and outreach of the official anti-corruption education was limited.

Our answer to this challenge was to create a space where Vietnamese young people could learn about and discuss integrity, transparency and anti-corruption. Drawing on the model of previous TI Integrity Schools, TT developed the Vietnam Integrity School (VIS). The goal of VIS was to create a space for young people to learn about, practice and promote integrity by developing and working on their own ideas and projects.

Vietnam Integrity School (VIS) was born in 2017 to create a space for young Vietnamese people aged 18-30 from all over the countries to learn, understand, practice and promote integrity by developing and working on their own ideas and projects. The program is funded by Irish Aid from 2018 to 2021.

Following the huge success from the first & second Vietnam Integrity School, the third Vietnam Integrity School (VIS 2018 – Winter) with new changes in content agenda and outdoor activities will be carried out from 30 Nov to 4 Dec in Hanoi. The promising updates will allow young students more open space to express themselves and a dynamic environment to study on integrity and anti-corruption theme.

Details of the program could be found belows & at the official fanpage of Vietnam Integrity School: