[Towards Transparency Newsletter October 2018] Vietnam’s Law on Access to Information – Implementation challenges ahead


The International Right to Know Day on the 28th of September is an occasion for TT to provide some insights (in the attached newsletter) on Vietnam’s Law on access to information (LAI), which entered into force on 1st July 2018. Indeed, as of April 2016, Vietnam joined the rank of more than 100 countries legally recognizing individuals’ right to access information held by public authorities. TT welcomes the enactment of the Law on Access to Information as an important step forward to greater accountability of public authorities, contributing to the fight against corruption. Even though in comparison to the 2015 draft law, the current LAI has further advanced in reaching international standards, various shortfalls remain, caused most problematically by the use of vague terminology as well as a lack of enforcement mechanisms and public awareness.


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