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Launching project “Promoting the role of women in anti-corruption in Vietnam”


On September 29, 2020, Towards Transparency (TT) and the Institute for Social Development Studies (ISDS) signed a partnership agreement to implement the Project “Promoting the role of women in anti-corruption in Vietnam”, 2020- 2023.

The project is aimed at building evidence and collecting data on gender and corruption in Vietnam, raising public awareness on the impacts of corruption on women and the role of women in fighting corruption. Through the project’s activities, TT and ISDS wish to contribute to enhancing gender equality and the effectiveness of anti-corruption work in Vietnam.


                                                                           Representatives of TT và ISDS

Within the framework of this project, TT and ISDS are going to implement research on gendered aspects of corruption- the first of its kind in Vietnam. The research will explore views, experiences, and attitudes of men and women regarding corruption, and how they cope with corruption. Its findings will serve as a basis for TT and ISDS to develop recommendations on policy and actions for relevant stakeholders, focusing on solutions to bring into full play the role of women in anti-corruption.

In addition to the research, TT and ISDS will also conduct communication, outreach, and advocacy activities as well as training for female leaders.

The Project Promoting the role of women in anti-corruption in Vietnam is funded under Transparency International’s regional Programme “TI Indo-Pacific Partnership for Strong, Transparent, Responsive & Open Networks for Good Governance.

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