Youth Integrity

Training for young people to use social media to spread their message


“Fun and really exciting!”

“It’s new!”

“How useful it is!!!”

Those have expressed the feelings of all 30 attendees from our workshop “Who cares about my fan page?” in Hanoi.

On August 16th 2014, with the assistance of Towards Transparency (TT), the workshop “Who cares about my fan page?” was held by Youth Box Channel in Hanoi. Two speakers together with 30 participants from many non-government organizations and youth clubs were present in a great talk show with the topic of “Fan Page Management” for a whole day.

With her broad experiences in managing both community and advertising fan pages, Ms. Khuat Ngoc Han – the Account Manager of RIO Agency – shared useful information with all participants about how to identify targeted audiences of their fan page and how to build up  a plan to improve fan page. Especially, the facilitator of the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long – Marketing Manager of, has provided the attendees with new and helpful knowledge. He noted that managing a fan page was not an easy job as it took time for us to analyze the most basic and core factors in the fan page brands and organization as well. By clearly understanding and following strictly the brand-key of a fan page together with comprehending and mastering all sets of rules in Facebook pages, in addition with a full plan of both contents and visual management, we can operate our fan page effectively. Participants were all attracted by his sense of humor in conveying his long-year practical experiences and knowledge.

After the workshop, attendees can not only widen their knowledge but make friends also.

After the workshop training for young people, attendees can both widen their knowledge ND make friends.

Moreover, it was our pleasure that participants are mostly young and energetic, which brought all of us an exciting and effective discussion. It can be sure that, with effective page management and their creativity, participants would build up their own fan page with great success.

Author: Hong Hanh – Ngoc Anh, YBO (*) members

(*) Youth Box is a youth media community, targets on youth aged between 15 – 35 who share the interests in using creative means of communication for positive social changes. Youth Box provides a platform for media skill-owners to meet and cooperate with non-profit and civil society organizations (NGOs and CSOs) to develop critical thinking, advance their knowledge and ready to create positive change in themselves and their communities.

Youth Box is developed by a group of core members on a voluntary basis. Currently, Youth Box is based in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Youth Box operates with the support of Towards Transparency (TT).