Towards Transparency Newsletter June 2018


The draft Law on Prevention and Anti-Corruption (amended) is currently being discussed at the fifth session of the 14th National Assembly in Hanoi. It is planned that it will be passed in the coming sixth session in October 2018. We are proud to provide you with some information on this important law.

Indeed, TT provided an analysis and various recommendations to the Vietnamese drafting authorities with a view to ensuring its compatibility with the United Nations Convention on Anti-Corruption (UNCAC), international standards and local context. Inputs for these recommendations to date came from two main sources: 1) TT’s international consultant, Matthew Stephenson, Professor at Harvard Law School, analyzed the gaps, limitations and challenges of the current draft law ; 2/ A consultation workshop organized with Vietnamese social organizations. The full analysis has been discussed and shared with relevant Vietnamese authorities, including the Government Inspectorate (GI) and members of the National Assembly’s Judicial Committee.

Please click here to read our full Newsletter of June 2018. This newsletter focuses on four selected issues of the draft revised law:

  • Conflict of interest,
  • Assets declaration and verification,
  • Treatment of private sector corruption, and
  • Role and participation of social organizations in anti-corruptio