The story of a community participate in forestry governance


“Through forestry protection policies, I believe in next 10 years, the lives of people in our commune and province will be improved, our children will benefit, especially their education, and the forest will develop in a sustainable way.”

Mr. Ho Soa, a citizen in Truong Xuan commune, Quang Binh province.

Inspired by the efforts of the forestry community in Truong Xuan commune, Quang Binh province, Towards Transparency (TT) and Transparency International (TI) have produced a documentary film recording their stories, experiences and feelings when participating in forest protection.

The citizens in Truong Xuan commune were filmed while enthusiastically participating in the activities of the project Preventative Anti-Corruption Measures for REDD+ (PAC REDD) and REDD+ Governance and Finance Integrity (RGFI). These projects have successfully introduced to the local citizens Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) and Community Score Card (CSC) to help them monitor the implementation and financial flow of forestry programmes.

The video features real stories of the local, who grow and protect forest. They shared values and benefits of using those practical and effect-proven tools in solving their problems, particularly those related to land use litigation and payment in forestry programmes.

TI, TT and our local partners always want to ensure transparency in forestry programmes through citizen empowerment and capacity building. One of the most important objectives of the projects is to improve the living standard of the forestry communities.

TT wants to express our sincere gratitude to Transparency International Secretariat, RGFI Project team, Rural Development and Poverty Reduction Fund – Quang Binh,  local authorities and people in Quang Binh for their contributions and supports during the process of making this documentary film.