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Facing with petty corruption


Normally, a chopstick is more easily seen than a needle. So is massive corruption, compared with the petty ones.

pic 2 - guest speakers

“Petty corruption is more dangerous than massive one. Because the latter will be inevitably discovered and people who are able to practice massive corruption account for only small proportion. Meanwhile, the former takes place everywhere and has been normalised in Vietnam.”

Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh addressing petty corruption in the talk show “Facing with petty corruption” organised by FACE Club on International Anti-Corruption Day 9 December.

The talk show attracted nearly 100 young people who are interested in the disturbing and controversial “petty corruption”. On the same day, the final round of the contest “Facing with the petty corruption” also took place as a part of this event. With the topic “Informal payment for medical officers – For or against?”, 8 competitors from 2 groups were debating enthusiastically, showing their unconventional and diverse perspectives.

Furthermore, the real life stories shared by participants raised a question whether life values of the young was being threatened and whether the boundary between making a living and the greed is too fragile to maintain.

“We have nothing to be afraid of when we do the right things. Just keep calm and face the situation with integrity. More importantly, we should equip ourselves with basic knowledge in some areas to avoid being harassed.”

Mr. Pham Anh Duong, Manager, Business Integrity of Towards Transparency (TT).

pic 3 - members of the FACE Club

Under the project “Change the way we learn”, the talk show “Facing with the petty corruption” also marked the fourth birthday of FACE Club. Experiencing many challenges, FACE has grown up and gained increasingly recognition and supports. FACE’s success has proven that we can change as long as we are patiently stick to good values.


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