Youth Integrity

Opening of the first Vietnam Integrity School (VIS): 4 days to sow integrity seeds!


VIS-ers present their integrity project

Coming from all parts of Vietnam, with different background, age or curriculum, 43 students enrolled in Vietnam Integrity School (VIS-2017), the first ever school dedicated to teach Integrity values. Taking place on 10-13 August in Hanoi, VIS-2017 has connected like-minded Vietnamese youngsters who share the same value and commitment in “sowing integrity seed in everybody and spreading the shade of integrity tree to the wider community”. Organized by Towards Transparency with the financial support of the Embassy of Ireland to Vietnam, VIS covered various topics such as integrity, corruption and anti-corruption in public and private sectors, the role of media in disclosing corruption. Using “peer-to-peer learning”, and with the help of the guest lecturers and speakers, the energetic and enthusiastic students interactively devised 6 exciting project ideas to spread integrity value in their communities.