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Findings of the draft National Integrity System Study shared


March 19, 2015, Towards Transparency (TT), in collaboration with Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN), organised the workshop “Sharing findings of the draft National Integrity System Study (NIS) in Hanoi.

NIS brings about an overall picture of strengths and weaknesses of the key governance institutions (pillars) that play significant roles in anti corruption.

The study was conducted by TT and DEPOCEN, in consultancy with an advisory board comprising of 12 members who have expertise in various areas, representing governmental agencies, business and civil society, and international organisations.

Attending the workshop were representatives from institutions of the Party, Government and National Assembly such as Central Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Security, Office of National Assembly and international development partners, academic institutes, civil society organisations, and advisory board’s members.

At the workshop, the research team’s expert members alternatively presented the key findings and recommendations of 9 out of 13 pillars studied in NIS, including Legislative, Executive, Law enforcement agencies, Anti-corruption agencies, Ombudsman (Administrative complaint resolving agencies), Public sector, Media, Civil Society and Business.

In the discussion session, the research team received various constructive and practical suggestions focusing on independence, roles and responsibilities of assessed pillars; explanation for each pillar’s weakness and major recommendations.

Based on feedback obtained during the workshop, TT and research team are finalising the NIS report which is expected to finish in the second quarter of 2015.