7 things that make us so proud joining hands in the fight agaisnt corruption in Vietnam


Dear Friends

You respect the value of integrity. You have been joining or possibly will join Towards Transparency (TT) – the very first non-profit organisation of Vietnam (since 2008) focusing on anti-corruption and the national contact of Transparency International (TI) in Vietnam.

Thank you for sharing the values of transparency and integrity in which we believe and pursue!

Remarking our eighth year since birth of TT, we want our beloved friends to join us turning pages of “Journey for a corruption-free Vietnam”- the publication made to keep all memoirs of collaboration between you and TT in one place.


Let’s count the 7 most significant works that we have carried out together:

1. Actively strengthening knowledge and the evidence base on corruption in Vietnam

Anti-corruption state agencies had always been in need of solid and non-partial evidence from independent and quality research on corruption in Vietnam.

Therefore, from 2009-2015, TT conducted 19 qualitative and quantitative research reports on corruption and anti-corruption status in Vietnam.

Quite a number of TT’s partners, media and experts have used data from these studies for their analysis and design of interventions to increase effectiveness of domestic anti-corruption efforts.

2. Supporting government in national anti-corruption efforts

TI and TT have been actively engaging in meetings and dialogues among state agencies and international anti-corruption experts, of which the annual Anti-corruption Dialogue between the Government of Vietnam and donor community is a remarkable one.

A number of findings and recommendations of TT on the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) was used in the Government-produced National Evaluation Report on UNCAC published in 2012.

3. Engaging civil-society members in anti-corruption

From 2009-2015, TT supported the establishment and/or activities of a number of groups promoting transparency and accountability. Members of these groups are representatives of non-government organisations, research institutions, universities and a significant number of students.

Through collaboration in doing research and projects on business integrity and youth integrity, TT has inspired 18 organisations to implement their own anti-corruption initiatives.

4. Piloting innovative solutions on anti-corruption

Responding to the pressing need for effective solutions to address corruption, TT has adapted two of TI’s successful anti-corruption intervention models into Vietnam: Transparent Town and Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC).

The Transparency Town initiative is being piloted by TT in partnership with Ninh Thuan province. Based on recommendation of Ninh Thuan’s Provincial People Committee, TT completed a transparency gap assessment of five selected policy areas in Ninh Thuan in March 2015. After that, TT and the Provincial People Committee have collaborated to design project activities for the next phase so as to promote transparency in business and local investment environment.

In 2015, TT cooperated with the Vietnam Justice Support Association for the Poor (VIJUSAP) to set up the first ALAC in Hanoi. ALAC supported victims and witnesses of corruption case, and collect data on corruption status in Vietnam for doing advocacy. By the end of 2015, ALAC provided legal assistance for 30 cases, and the number of people knocking on the door for consultancy is growing.

5. Inspiring and mobilising young people to support youth integrity

TT has always prioritised building a generation of young leaders who uphold integrity and have the knowledge, skills and courage to pioneer in promoting their government and people to embrace integrity.

Many initiatives have been realised by youth with TT’s support to spread the integrity message to thousands of their peers through online communication channels and events. Youth have been protecting integrity as a shield against corruption in schools, offices as well as in daily life.

There are young people telling us that, when they work with TT, they have found their  seem – to – have – long – lost values again.

6. Promoting awareness and participation of businesses in addressing corruption

In 2015, more than 70 companies have participated in collective action initiatives supported and facilitated by TT, including initiatives at the Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), Project 12 run by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) Governance and Integrity Working Group.

The collective action initiative of Saigon Hi-Tech Park was recognised by the United Nations Global Compact as a leading example of its kind in Vietnam. Inspired by this model, Hepza Business Association – a local business association with over 1000 members – has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TT to replicate this model.

 7. A team sharing vision and mission

Our vision is a Vietnam free of corruption where people enjoy social justice, accountability and transparency in all aspects of life.

Over 7 years, from an organisation of three members, now TT has grown into a team of 11 people owning expertise, diverse experience and sharing one vision – the ultimate motivation in our every decision and activity.

Throughout all these years, we have always received companion and support from our Advisory Board comprising of experts on transparent governance who have influential voice and used to hold important positions in different state agencies. The Advisory Board has been highly supportive in helping TT define our direction and organisational strategic goals.

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Have you ever joined any activities with TT? Please share with us your stories and feelings reading “Our Journey for a corruption-free Vietnam”, we appreciate and feel thankful for your contributions!

If you have never worked with us and you want to try, join us today!