Together We Can Break the Corruption Chain!


9 December is the International Anti-Corruption Day and Towards Transparency calls for the government, civil society, private sector, youth, media and citizens to actively join hands in taking actions against corruption.

As we believe, while fighting corruption requires strong political will and leadership, it is not the mission of only the Vietnamese Communist Party or Government.

Fighting corruption requires efforts of every agency, organisation, company and citizen, who, when acting jointly, can make significant changes towards a clean and well-being society.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted powers for private gains and has been stealing trillions of US dollars annually from both developed and developing countries, including Vietnam.

It is weakening governance, undermining democracy and the rule of law, challenging the exercise of human rights, and hindering the national economic and social development.

It is threatening the significant achievements in poverty reduction that Vietnam has gained in the past decades since the doi moi (renewal).

It is also depriving Vietnam of many trade and investment opportunities while we are integrating deeply into the regional and global economy.

To break the destructing corruption chain together, Towards Transparency calls for:

  • The Government to step up legal and institutional reforms and enhance enforcement of the anti-corruption legislation, ensuring that Vietnam fully adheres to its commitments to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.
  • Civil society organisations cooperate and support the Government in anti-corruption policy making and implementation as well as in holding government institutions accountable to the public.
  • Companies to strengthen internal anti-corruption systems and join in collective actions to promote business integrity so as to build up a transparent and equal business environment.
  • Youth to make full use of their energy and creativity to promote and practice integrity.
  • Media to enhance their role in educating the public on their rights and role in the fight against corruption, and reporting, exposing corruption cases.
  • Every citizen to say NO to, and not engage in, corruption practices.

Towards Transparency is committed to supporting the government and non-state actors in the ongoing fight against corruption so that Vietnam can fulfil its international obligations and achieve its national targets.

By making efforts to reduce corruption together, we can ensure that our family, friends, people in society and many generations after will benefit and be able to enjoy the social and economic opportunities ahead.

Happy International Anti – Corruption Day!