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[Infographic] Law on access to information of Vietnam in comparison with international standards


The 2013 Constitution of Vietnam protects rights to information of all Vietnamese citizens. Currently, Vietnam is in the progress of making Law on Access to Information which is expected to be passed by the National Assembly in March, 2016.

In order to provide information to the National Assembly when making decision on this important legislation, Towards Transparency (TT) has submitted the analysis report of Draft Law on Access to Information of Vietnam.

The report was carried out by the Centre for Law and Democracy (CLD) Canada and Access Info Europe (AIE) in collaboration with TT, using the Right to Information Legislation Rating (RTI rating).

Accordingly, the Draft Law on Access to Information of Vietnam scored 59 out of 150 points, ranked 93 out of 102 countries that had been evaluated by RTI.

On RTI rating categories, the Draft Law scored only 25 to 33 percent on more than half of categories, and scored 50 percent on only two categories.

The evaluation showed that the current Draft Law of Vietnam was still lack of a number of standard elements to form a solid basis for the effective implementation of right on access to information.