Business Integrity, Youth Integrity

How to improve young people’s understanding of integrity in the business sector


Business Integrity Youth Conference

On 30th August, a Business Integrity Conference for youth, the future leaders of the economic sector and the whole society, was co-organised by British University Vietnam (BUV), Towards Transparency (TT), and Youth Box Channel. Almost 40 young professionals and students joined with managers of companies and organizations highly committed to practicing and promoting business integrity in the one – day conference and had a chance to improve their understanding of corruption risks and business integrity through guest speakers’ speeches, a panel session and role plays.

The conference started with the insightful and motivational speeches made by three guest speakers: Mr. Conrad Zellmann (Deputy Executive Director of TT), Mr. David Priestley (Managing Director of Rolls Royce Vietnam and Chairman of Vietnam Integrity Alliance), Mr. Saman Bandara (Head of Insurance, and Forensic Consulting Practice, Ernst & Young Vietnam), and Dr. Le Dang Doanh (Former Director of Central Institute for Economic Management – CIEM).


David Priestly envisages doing business with integrity in Vietnam

Understanding of business integrity issues

By delivering simple and true understanding of transparency, integrity and corruption, analysing business environment in Vietnam with focus on identifying corruption risks in doing business in Vietnam and recommending solutions to combat it, the speakers have inspired the young audience to think and act towards doing business with integrity. “The conference helps us approach the views of foreign organizations doing business in Vietnam. I used to take corruption for granted and accept to live together with it. Now I understand that we can take action to change it” said Hoang Anh, a student from Hanoi University.

During the panel session, Ms. Ngoc Anh – Youth Coordinator of Live & Learn also joined three speakers in the panel to exchange with the young audiences. She encouraged them to have collective actions so that they would have stronger voice and make tangible impacts. Another panelist – Mr. Saman – emphasised education as the key to raise awareness within companies and their networks, and change corruption status accordingly. In the middle of the session, when being asked about how Rolls & Royce do their business with integrity in Vietnam, Mr. David proudly showed their “integrity passport” stating their commitment to deliver integrity on daily basis, which impressed all present participants.


All panelists share their knowledge and inspiration with young audience

How to ensure business integrity

The most exciting part of the conference was the role plays. During this section, all participants were divided into groups and given different scenarios that corruption would occur in business. The attendees therefore can understand corruption better through acting the plays. “I thought corruption was a macro issue. However, by playing roles, I realize that it may come with very ordinary situation in daily life”, said Hoang Thi Thanh, who received the “best actress award” at the end of the role plays. After each performance, the judges helped analyse the corruption issues and suggested solutions to avoid it.

Role play-003

Youth discuss feasible solutions to corruption risks and present them on stage

“As Vietnam’s economy integrates progressively into world markets, it is important for young leaders to learn about international standards of business, which have place increasing attention on avoiding corruption risks. This will help prepare young people to succeed in the world’s best companies, and in leading Vietnamese companies onto world markets. We are looking forwards to cooperating with interested partners to replicate this event” said Mr. Pham Anh Duong, Manager, Business Integrity of TT.

At the end of the conference, all participants signed a petition right on the backdrop showing their written commitment to living with integrity.