Corruption Perceptions Index 2015: Vietnam scores 31/100

More comprehensive and concrete solutions need to be in place to change perceptions of public sector corruption in Vietnam

Scoring 31/100, Vietnam stands among the world’s highly corrupt countries

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2015 was launched by Transparency International (TI) on 27 January 2016 in Berlin, ranking 168 countries and territories based on the business people and country experts’ perceptions of public sector corruption.

This year, Vietnam scores 31/100, ranking 112/168 globally.

Towards Transparency (TT), TI’s National Contact in Vietnam, recognises the country’s efforts in enhancing the anti-corruption legislation and enforcement of law; and the focus on investigation, prosecution and judgement of a number of serious corruption cases.

However, as Vietnam’s score has remained unchanged over the last four years (since 2012) and the country continues to stay among nations where corruption is perceived as serious, we are of the opinion that Vietnam has not addressed shortcomings in its anti-corruption work thoroughly and effectively.

In their official reports, the central anti-corruption agencies have also acknowledged a number of significant weaknesses, including: legal loopholes and weak enforcement of the Anti-Corruption Law, and the absence of effective mechanisms to encourage the people’s participation.

In order to bring about positive transformation in corruption perceptions in Vietnam, TT recommends the Communist Party and the Sate of Vietnam to carry out simultaneously a number of solutions.

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